Thursday, April 09, 2009

Got an E-mail Message about Kazumi

Last Friday I got an e-mail message about Kazumi from one of his ex-student, Lian Chen. I quote it below by his permission.

Dear Prof. Tabata:

Thanks a lot for your writing about Prof. Kazumi Maki. I was a Ph. D student with Prof. Maki in period 1985-1989. During his sabbatical year 1986–-1987 I went to Max-Planck Institute in Stuttgart Germany. I know Prof. Maki won the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt senior scientists award for his stay at that year in Germany. They also bought a grand piano at the end of his sabbatical and shipped back to US. Both Prof. Maki and Masako were very nice to us as a student at the time. I'm sad that Kazumi has past.

Sincerely yours,
Liang Chen
Department of Physics
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1N6N5

I suppose that the grand piano mentioned by Liang must have been a gift from Kazumi to Masako on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of their wedding. I have never sent such a great gift to my wife!