Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hideki Matsui Won MVP

The New York Yankees won the 27th World Series title on Wednesday, November 4, 2009. The designated hitter Hideki Matsui (35 years old), drove in six of the Yankee's seven runs in their series-winning victory. He hit .615 with three home runs and eight RBIs in the series, and became the first Japanese-born World Series Most Valuable player. Matui was reported to have said, "Winning the championship is such a great feeling. I guess you can say that this is the best moment of my life right now."

In the summer of 1992, Matsui, as the fourth batter of Seiryo Senior High School team drew five intentional walks in a game at Koshien Stadium. It was the very uncommon strategy of the opposite team not to make him hit home runs and to win cunningly. I watched that game on TV and impressed by Matsui, who did not show any look of embarrassment or angriness and coolly walked to the first base each time. Such a broad mind of Matsui and his continued effort, I believe, has brought him this best moment of his life. I am especially proud of him because I was born in the same prefecture of Ishikawa as he.