Friday, April 15, 2005

The Visiting Scientist from China

A friend of mine in USA, J.H., forwarded me e-mail messages exchanged between him and the Chinese scientist, Dr. L.Z. The latter is now a visiting researcher at Osaka University. Thinking this a good chance to make another overseas friend of mine, I sent an e-mail message as cited below to Dr. L.Z. I had to say a little about the present political problems between China and Japan. He promptly replied to it with kind words. Scientists seem to be better at having peaceful relations than politicians.
Dear Dr. L.Z.,

I am writing this message to you, because last evening J.H. forwarded me e-mail messages exchanged between you and him.

You seem to be working at an institute of Osaka University as a guest scientist from China on nuclear reactions by the use of laser beams. Right?

I had been working on the passage of fast electrons through matter and electron-beam dosimetry at RIAST Institute, Osaka Prefecture University, located in Sakai, Osaka. After retirement, I have my own institute at my home; it is named Institute for Data Evaluation and Analysis (IDEA).

I have some good Chinese friends in Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, etc., and feel very sorry that China and Japan have political problems now. I believe that the attitude of Koizumi Cabinet towards the past war is quite wrong.

I should be glad if I could have a chance of seeing you in the near future.

Tatsuo Tabata

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