Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Got a Good Message

Yesterday I got an e-mail message from the provider of my second Web site to notify the arrival of a comment at the guestbook page. Recently I got only spam comments there. So I opened the provider's page for deleting the guest comment newly arrived. However, I found a good message there. It was from the late Dr. Lewis Spencer's youngest daughter. She found my mention [1] of her father's passing by Google search, and expressed thanks to me. This was one of the pleasant things of my life these days.

As I wrote on the Web page [1], I saw Dr. Spencer only twice; once in Kyoto, and once at the former National Beureau of Standards, USA. On both of these occasions, however, he was very kind to me. So I'll never forget his hospitality. I also learned much from his excellent publications on the penetration of fast electrons through matter for doing my research work. When I saw him for the first time, I was surprised to find the person who did wonderful calculations did not have one of the arms (possibly it was the right one). I do not know how he lost his arm.
  1. Lewis V. Spencer, IDEA & ISAAC Web site (2005).

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