Friday, October 09, 2009

My First Book

The above image shows the cover of my first nonacademic book made at my own expense. In a small number of academic books included in my list of publications, I made partial contributions only. Therefore, this can also be said to be "my" first book." It is entitled "Passage through Spacetime: Random Writings of a Physicist" (Jupiter Corporation, Tokyo, 2009), and is written in English. A friend of mine from Dalian Reizen Elementary School, Takashi Oshio, coordinated the publication for me.

The contents are as follows:
Part I. Hello Mr. Feynman!
 1. What Little I Know about Feynman
 2. We See Feynman Everywhere
Part II. Book Reviews
 Religion and Philosophy
 Life Science
Part III. Vicky: A Novella
 Sorekara and Sanshiro
 Write to You instead of Sam
 Just a "Good-bye"
 The New Year Card
 Stupid Idea?
All the writings contained have been on my Web site for many years, and polishing has been made on this occasion.

The book is not for sale but will be distributed to my friends and acquaintances. Internet friends of mine are welcomed to request a copy by writing their postal address to my e-mail address, which is shown on the top bar of this site.

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