Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lists of Films on Atomic Bombs

The other day, I revived one of lost blog posts written in 2005. It was entitled "New books on atomic bombs." An overseas friend of mine wrote a comment on it and asked me if I knew a similar list of movies or documentaries. I did not know such a list. So, I made a search on the Internet, and results gotten are summarized here.

Lists of films on atomic bombs available on the Web
  1. Films about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (19 entires)
  2. Documentary films about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (subcategory of the above category) (9 entries)
  3. List of Japanese films on atomic bombs on the page "原爆映画特集" (Feature: Atomic Bomb Movies) (19 entries)
The third list above is difficult for the overseas friend to understand. Thus, I made a modified list as given below by including a few entries from the first two lists, adding English titles and providing links to English Wikipedia pages when available.

I wish that these films that convey the colossal tragedy the atomic bombs brought are appreciated by a lot more of people world over and that total elimination of nuclear weapons is realized as soon as possible.

List of Japanese films on atomic bombs (a modification of the list at "原爆映画特集")
Note: English titles are official ones except for those given in parentheses, which are used to indicate to be the literal translation by T.T. Some of Wikipedia pages explain not only about the film but also dramas, books, etc. of the same title; and some others contain an extremely brief description only.
Year of release Japanese title English title
1 1950 長崎の鐘 The Bells of Nagasaki
2 1952 原爆の子 Children of Hiroshima
3 1953 ひろしま (Hiroshima)
4 1955 生きものの記録 I Live In Fear
5 1959 第五福竜丸 (Lucky Dragon 5)
6 1963 (Mother)
7 1970 地の群れ Apart from Life
8 1976 はだしのゲン Barefoot Gen
9 1977 はだしのゲン: 涙の爆発 Barefoot Gen: Explosion of Tears
10 1980 ヒロシマのたたかい: はだしのゲンPART3 Barefoot Gen: PART3 Battle of Hiroshima
11 1983 この子を残して Children of Nagasaki
12 1983 せんせい (Sensei)
13 1988 さくら隊散る (Team Sakura Wiped Out)
14 1988 TOMORROW 明日 Tomorrow
15 1989 黒い雨 Black Rain
16 1991 八月の狂詩曲 Rhapsody in August
17 2001 H Story H Story
18 2002 鏡の女たち Women in the Mirror
19 2004 父と暮せば The Face of Jizo
20 2005 二重被爆 (Double exposure)
21 2007 夕凪の街 桜の国 Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms
22 2007 馬頭琴夜想曲 Matouqin Nocturne
23 2009 妻の貌 (Wife's Face)

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