Saturday, June 26, 1999

Another Source of Physics News

Free e-mail service of physics news similar to Physics News Update of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) is available from the American Physical Society (APS). The Society has a website called Physical Review Focus, which provides brief explanations of selected research papers from Physical Review Letters (PRL) at a level accessible to most physicists. If you subscribe to Focus at the List Manager site of APS, you will receive a message approximately weekly that contains the introductory paragraphs from the stories posted at the site during the previous week.

Example titles of stories in Physical Review Focus arrived recently are:
  • Fountain Clock Keeps Good Time (10 Jun 1999)
  • Selecting Excited States (18 Jun 1999)
  • Atomic Holograms (18 Jun 1999)
  • Nanotube Electronics (24 Jun 1999)
  • Windows on the Superconducting Soul (24 Jun 1999)
June 10 is Time Day in Japan; I don't think it an international day. Why then did the June-10 issue of Physical Review Focus happen to choose the story of an atomic clock?

The titles of the stories picked up from PRL by AIP's Physics News Update in the previous week, if any, are listed at the end of each Focus E-mail message.

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