Friday, May 22, 2009

Recent Visitors by Country

Each of three blog sites of mine at (two in English and one in Japanese) has a counter provided by At the site of, we can see the country share of the latest 99 visitors to each of our own site. The numbers I saw today for my blog sites written in English are as follows (Japan has been excluded from the list, because a considerable number of my own visits for check and correction purposes are included):

"Surely You're Joking" site (Visitors No. 3254–No. 3352)

1United States34%
2United Kingdom5%
3Costa Rica3%
Countries at the 1% level are Canada, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland.

"Femto-Essays" site (Visitors No. 7366–No. 7364)

1United States25%
5United Kingdom3%
Countries at the 1% level are Bangladesh, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco, Panama, Singapore and Ukraine.


Chiara said...

Re: finding good things

I take the liberty to write here, as I can't do it in only 140 characters, and I've chosen this post about 'blogs' and foreign visitors, because this topic seems to be the most appropriate one.

Maybe I am too naive, but I find the web to be similar to a big chaotic town, New York style, with everybody yelling and being in a hurry, running after too many things. Within this chaos, I think your pages are like a quite, well groomed garden, or a peaceful tea- or coffee-house, where one can enter, enjoy the quiet, and share, or in my case mostly learn, something.
I am certainly unable to appreciate all the details, the depth and extension of this garden, and I am myself also always running after many things, but I am happy to have found this place and, with your permission, I will keep stopping by for a virtual cup of coffee and some enlighting reading.

Ted said...

To Chiara: Thank you very much for your kind comment to praise this site with nice words. From your words written here I guess that you are a good writer as well as a good reader. I'm glad to be friends with you at Twitter and blog sites, and always welcome your visit to my virtual coffee shop.